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The Psychology of Shortcuts
Welcome to the world's largest personal website,
connecting millions of unique pages from just one pair of hands.

These are Masters and Millionaires shortcuts to success, from those who do... to you.

In every walk of life there is a top ten percent.
These Psychology of Shortcuts pages are all dedicated to you, with the intent of coaching tens of thousands of people to personal success and wealth,
at no charge, in the expectation that most will take a portion of their new wealth to feed those who cannot feed themselves. Fair enough?
    No strings, no charge.     Go ahead, feed somebody;   it feels good.  

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This is the largest ring of websites on earth regarding shortcuts to success in any and every human endeavor.
Nothing else comes close. Learn more about your opportunities and resources so you can live more.

You can now, easily enough, teach YOURSELF how to succeed more efficiently, how to succeed faster, how to use the best shortcuts in town.
Every human activity has masters and champions who know how to win. Many of these true experts are happy to share their shortcuts.
Shortcuts for succeeding, in fact, shortcuts throughout our lives, are not much more or less than vehicles for attain our goals.

Masters and Millionaires are the best possible source of information, simply because they are the horse's mouth.

Find no commercial offerings at the Psychology of Shortcuts beyond the mandatory banners.
Find shortcuts, create shortcuts, improve on shortcuts already being used by people.
Above all, realize that your life is whizzing by at fantastic speeds today.
86,400 separate seconds, separate opportunities to use your shortcuts.
Welcome to the Shortcuts Capital of the World Wide Web, etcetera,
your own customized version of the Psychology of Shortcuts.

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No one can succeed by accident, because success defines intention

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More tastes of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Empower yourself every day. Do NOT let today be
just   another   day.
Make each day count, because you never really know.

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Learn at the largest personal website, by far, the Psychology of Shortcuts.
These are the great success shortcuts used by masters and millionaires.
You are in the for the ride of your life. Literally the largest personal website,
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The Psychology of Longevity is about making it healthier, from good vastu or better vastu to feelings and relationships,
and, basically, every human activity we engage in... because EVERY area of human endeavor has great shortcuts.
Your job and penchant, so we hope, is to find the great shortcuts that most suit your greatest desires.

From the Psychology of Longevity, which focuses on health and longevity, to the Psychology of Shortcuts, on wealth,
the decisions that we make have greater impact than perhaps we are taught as children, so it is worth learning now.

No one can succeed for you, not even the largest personal website in creation; only YOU can do it.
So, please, please, think big, think bigger, and act, just one step at at time, repeatedly.
Make sure that the step, however small, is a tiny bit better than the last step taken.
That's how you get to have the largest personal website, or whatever YOU pursue.
Drink more water, make sure your oils are NEVER heated above 108 degrees, at which point they become rancid and toxic,
although you CAN find a few healthy oils that can take some heat, such as extra virgin coconut oil, or flaxseed oil.

Get your greens, at least half your diet in greens, and be sure to get probiotics, and air-dried sea salt, above all.     Advertibles, LLC.

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Summarily, Both health and wealth are far more a matter of choice than mere chance,
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Sweetest shortcuts, sweetest domains, sweetest decisions ... are those unreasonable for the sweetest of domainists? :-)